42 Crochet Applique Patterns (Including Crochet Pins) #crochetapplicates
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42 Crochet Applique Patterns (Including Crochet Pins) #crochetapplicates

Crochet Applique Patterns and Crochet Pins | Pins and patches are the newest spring trend, and you can easily make your own

Crochet applique patterns are stellar projects that have been around forever and keep getting cuter! Crochet pin patterns too are the hottest new trend - they're the quickest little accessories to make and they make customizing your day-to-day look super easy. Our collection, 42 Crochet Pins and Crochet Applique Patterns, is full of the best of both worlds.

Since they're so tiny, crochet pins and applique pieces are so fast to make and require so little yarn so no need to buy any new materials or block off huge chunks of time for these projects!

Check out some of our favorite pin and applique patterns below and see if something strikes your fancy. You'll notice a lot of flowers, as those tend to be the most popular type of pin or brooch, but you'll also find some leaves, animals and even a mug of beer!

How do you attach a pin or applique? Well, that depends! You can buy a pin backing at your local craft store and superglue it to the back of your work. You can also attach your finished project to whatever you'd like (clothing, jackets, backpacks, tote bags, etc) by safety pinning it or sewing it on for a more durable hold.

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